This course is given for postgraduate students (PhD students) at Lund University, but is also offered for external participants as commissioned education.


The aim of the course is to mediate knowledge of safe manufacturing and handling of engineered nanoparticles and of nanomaterials i.e. materials containing nanoparticles, in the perspective of human health and of environment. Aspects such as safety important particle characteristics, exposure- and emission assessment, nano toxicology, precautionary principle, safe-by-design, human-technology interaction, risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, life cycle analysis, legislation, and ethical aspects will be covered.


To promote network building and enable knowledge exchange, the course is open for both PhD students and representatives from industrial and governmental sectors.


Particle properties (size, shape, aspect-ratio, solubility, chemical composition), lung deposition and clearance, emissions, exposure, toxicity, risk management, human-technology interaction, biomarkers, engineering controls and personal protection, risk- and safety communication, food chain transport, life cycle analyses, ethical aspects, and legislation. 

More information: More specific information can be found in the course syllabus:


Associate senior lecturer Christina Isaxon, course coordinator

Schedule with all lecturers TBA.

Admission requirements

No formal requirements for representatives from industry and legislation.

Registration deadline

Deadline for registration is April 15, 2023.

Course dates and location

The course is given during two weeks, in April and June, 2023.

The course will be given online. 

Number of participants

Maximum 10 external particpants

Course fee

SEK 21.000 excluding VAT.


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