A CEOs Guide to Building Brand Equity Online

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As a business leader, you know the value of a strong brand image. You also understand the power of the Internet in shaping that image among your buyers. But how, exactly, are strong brands built online today and how well is your company doing in that regard? These questions will be answered in this two-day course at Lund University. The course is based on principles that are equally valid for building B-to-B and B-to-C companies both domestically and internationally.


To help CEOs better manage brand equity online. The value of a company’s corporate and/or product brand(s) can exceed its more tangible assets, but the financial models for calculating brand equity offer little help in understanding or developing these assets. This leaves the CEO with little practical methodology to manage what is potentially the company’s biggest asset. The aim of this course is to provide managers with a buyer-centric model that looks at brand equity through the eyes of the buyer. We will then define the 10 hurdles that brands must cross online during customer acquisition and retention and use these as a checklist for building brand equity online. Participants will leave the course with an assessment of how their brand is performing online today along with a model and a number of hands-on tools to assess and direct their own efforts to build brand equity online.


CEOs, HR Directors and those aspiring towards those positions. The course deals with underlying principles of marketing and operational issues implementing them. As such, it is most suitable for senior managers responsible for driving growth and developing the company.


The course spans two days with four lecture modules, each including exercises and round-table discussions. Participants will be assigned a self-assessment homework between Day 1 and Day 2. Roundtable discussions will be included to provide participants with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge on specific topics and to exchange experience with others from different industries. Before the course, participants will be surveyed about their needs and the course material will be tailored to address the results.


Module 1: Brand Equity Basics

The difference between “marketing”, “sales”, and “branding”
How buyers assess brand value and how sellers can add value
The three ingredients to building brand equity online

Module 2: Assessing Your Brand Online

Brand equity from the consumer’s perspective
Defining your brand’s web presence
Assessing your brand's web presence


Module 3: Implementation

Discussion of web presence assessment
Managing a digital brand platform
Measurement and reporting

Module 4: Next Steps

Putting the material to work in your company
Looking forward
Summary and reflection


Schedule, fee & location

The course will take place at Lund University. The course fee is 17 500 SEK, excluding VAT. The course fee includes tuition, documentation, diploma, coffee, lunch and a dinner on Day 1.

The course will be held from 9 am to 4 pm on all days.

Course dates upon request.

Application of interest

Course dates have not yet been set, but you are welcome to send an application of interest!


For course information, please contact  at Lund University Commissioned Education,

Ph. +46-46-222 7327



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