Commercialising Research-Based Ideas



Commercialising Research-Based Ideas is a one-day course that introduces academic researchers to the entrepreneurial processes and practical tools for assessing, developing and communicating the commercial potential of science-based research ideas.This one-day action-oriented course is given by Lund University and is tailored to your location. The course can be followed up with a more extensive tailor-made course or programme.


Does your research idea represent a business opportunity? Commercial relevance is increasingly used as a measure of success in research and in research programmes, and scientific research and discoveries sometimes represent marketable solutions to critical industrial, medical, and environmental problems. Commercialising Research-Based Ideas is sprung out of the tailor-made course Soft Skills and Entrepreneurship, and is a one-day, action-oriented workshop that introduces academic researchers to entrepreneurial processes and practical tools for assessing, developing, and communicating the commercial potential of science-based research ideas.

The course is only given upon request from an organisation. 


This course is carried out by Lund University and tailor-made to and carried out at your location. Choose between a half or full day workshop, designed as a stand-alone event or otherwise integrated with a conference or other course/event. If you’d like, we can follow-up the initial workshop with a more exhaustive course or programme to further develop and sharpen your entrepreneurial and commercial focus and skills.


Commercialising Research-Based Ideas explores key issues related to commercialisation of science-based ideas – e.g., recognising and evaluating commercial opportunities, analysing market potential, conceptualising the offer and commercial path, and developing effective value propositions. It provides participating researchers with an opportunity to learn and apply entrepreneurial and commercial tools and perspectives on their own research-based ideas. The main objectives are to:

  • Inspire and motivate scientific researchers to add a commercial perspective to their research 
  • Educate scientific researchers in processes and tools for assessing, developing and communicating commercial potential of research-based ideas
  • Show commercial relevance of research and research programmes
  • Improve the success rate of commercialisation efforts

Target group

Researchers primarily within natural sciences, as well as former participants of the Soft Skills & Entrepreneurship programme.

The course is only given upon request from an organisation.




Tailored to your location

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