Vulnerable Road Users

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This one-week course, given by The Department of Technology and Society at Lund University, aims to provide road safety professionals with knowledge and tools to study and analyse issues regarding vulnerable road users and to propose countermeasures to improve their situation.


Vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists) pay the toll for the negative effects of motorisation, with non-proportionally high fatality and injury rates. In many countries, pedestrians and cyclists have little choice but to travel along roads in close proximity to motorised vehicles, putting them in high risk situations inevitably leading to many vulnerable road user casualties. In many countries, these vulnerable road user groups are not even considered in traffic surveys, which form the basis of road improvement schemes. Hence, planners and engineers do not incorporate measures for vulnerable road users.


The aim of the course is to improve knowledge about the needs and conditions of vulnerable road users, their road safety situation, methods to study the problems and countermeasures to improve their situation.


The Department of Technology and Society at Lund University has long been active in the research and education regarding road safety. Its multidisciplinary composition includes expertise in civil engineering, psychology and sociology. The department offers graduate courses in Traffic Planning, Traffic Engineering and Highway Engineering, as well as specially designed courses for practitioners.


András Várhelyi is the main tutor. Dr. Várhelyi has a PhD in Transport Engineering and 20 years teaching experience of problem based learning. His main areas of research include: Traffic Safety Management, Speed Management, Traffic Surveys, Black-spot Analysis, Behavioural Studies, Road Safety Measures, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). He also has field experience from working in developing countries.

Target group

Road safety professionals, preferably with a background in Civil Engineering



Course duration and location

One week at Lund University. The course can also be tailor-made for organisations and carried out at their locations.

Course fee

14 500 SEK (Approx. 1600 Euro), VAT excluded.
Fee includes lectures, literature, course binder, coffee breaks, welcome lunch, farewell mingle, certificate and medical insurance.


Application to course is binding. At cancellation 4 weeks before the course start, the participant will be billed 7000 SEK. At cancellation less than 2 weeks before the course start, the participant will be billed full amount.
Substitution of participants is allowed at any time and without charges, but it is advisable that such should take place at the start of the course.


Jessica Hansson, Lund University Commissioned Education,
+46-46 222 07 07
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