Entrepreneurship, Innovation EcoSystems and Science Parks

Entrepreneurship, Innovation ECOSystems and Science Parks


This tailor-made capacity building programme for the development and implementation of National Innovation Systems is given by Lund University in collaboration with key actors from the Swedish National and Regional Innovation System. 


Entrepreneurship, Innovation ECOSystems and Science Parks has three categorised levels of objectives, from an understanding of innovation systems to the initiation of national change. The programme's specific objectives are to initiate projects that will contribute to the development of the Indonesian Innovation Systems as well as give participants the possibility to find and establish new partnerships and collaborations with Swedish partners both from the private and public sector. During the programme, the participants develop change projects that contribute to institutional and organisational change processes in order to acheive a higher organisational efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, participants will develop and implement a project work for the home organisation.

  • The short-term objectives for each batch of the training programme is to increase knowledge and the understanding of National Innovation Systems as well as international and national networks.
  • The programme's mid-term objective is to initiate organisational change by using the newly acquired knowledge and tools. This will in turn contribute to  the implementation of the long-term objective. 
  • The general long-term objective of the capacity building programme is to increase the capacity on a national level for the realisation and implementation of Innovation Systems.


The target group for Innovation Systems and Entrepreneurship is medium level managers and others in a managerial position at the State Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education who works with policy- and development issues as well as with implementation and coordination of policy for the development of a national innovation system.

Strategically important organisations, institutions and individuals who have the position and the ability to apply the knowledge achieved from the programme to create organisational change. Local and regional organisations and institutions can nominate candidates.

Applicants should represent relevant organisations or activities and initiatives with a clear mandate and active support of management that can initiate organisational change in the home organisation or within their activities and initiatives. The individual programme participant will initiate and develop processes in line with the programme objectives.


The programme is carried out during a 13-month period both online and at Lund University in Sweden. The programme is concluded with a follow-up seminar in Indonesia.

Phase 1: Preparatory work - online, 1 month
Phase 2: 4 week course in Sweden at Lund University including lecturers, workshops, case studies, study visits both in the Lund/Malmöregion as well as in Stockholm etc.  
Phase 3: Project work – online, 6 months
Phase 4: 1 week follow-up seminar in the target country with invited relevant stakeholders such as academia, researchers, central and regional government agencies, S&T leaders, decision makers, industry representatives etc.
Phase 5: Project work – online, 4 months
Phase 6: 1 week supervisors’ visits to project site


The commissioning party covers the costs of:

  • Participation and training such as lectures, literature, documentation, supervision, study tours and certain social activities
  • Accommodation including board and lodging
  • International travel cost to and from Sweden

All personal expenses have to be carried by the participants themselves.
Upon arrival in Sweden participants will be greeted and picked up
at the airport for joint transportation to the hotel.


Academic bachelor and work experience. The training programme will be organised and carried out in English. High proficiency in the English language is required. Applicants should be nominated by their working place.

Programme Dates

The programme starts with an online preparatory phase. The training in Sweden, Lund University, is carried out during 4 weeks.
A one week follow-up seminar is carried out in the target country.
Project works onsite and supervision both onsite and online will be carried out throughout the programme. The total duration of the programme is 13 months.


The programme is a combination of online and onsite in Sweden and Ithe target country.

Number of participants

Each batch will consist of max 25 participants


For any queries please contact Maria Flores, 
Lund University Commissioned Education
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