Education Management, Capacity Building for University Professionals



This training offers professionals within higher education the opportunity to develop their knowledge base through a 3-4 week training programme at Lund University, Sweden. Broaden your perspective with this changing context and take part of the latest research from global trends to the implications of the learning process.


With the globalised world, universities today face a different reality. Students can compare and apply to universities in a wide range of countries or they can acquire knowledge through online courses provided for free by top-ranked universities. Universities compete, and in order to succeed on the global arena it becomes crucial to use leadership that adjusts and embraces a university culture of change together with collaborations and external relations with companies and the society.


The programme’s objective is to provide the participants with a deeper knowledge and understanding, as well as tools, for working with education management in a changing university. This training targets universities, university collages and colleges that aims to change the perspective of the learning process from teachers teaching to students learning. Increased capacities within two interconnected areas are facilitated: Development from Management fo Leadership, and Development from Teaching to Learning.


The programme provides the participants with knowledge of assessment and management of higher education in Sweden, and discusses possible improvements of the education management system of the participant’s home university. It also offers a wider view of academic leadership, and mutual case-specific working principals based on the unique experiences and needs of the course participants, to initiate and implement improvements in their home context.

Suggested content:

  • global trends in higher education ( for example ICT in education)
  • teaching techniques in higher education, and planning of study activities as well as new approaches to teaching and learning
  • change-oriented management and leadership
  • the organisational model, including positions, roles and activities
  • management and planning of international relations and mobility
  • managing scientific research


The programme is based on the participants' own experiences and objectives and provides an opportunity for the participants to work in dialogue and interaction with the teachers. Apart from lectures, the programme consists of seminars, group project work, case studies, study visits to numerous relevant institutions, reflective practice, and independent information gathering and assessment. Throughout the programme, the participants will also be working on a project, which is initiated at the participant's home university and which is in the center of the expected outcome of the training.


Premodule: Need assessment and screening of participants background. Introducing the trainors and Lund University.

Week 1: Introduction and baseline: Discuss expectations and formulate objectives and challenges. These are adjusted according to needs and objectives of the participants
Week 2: Framework and developement of the objectives to the participant's project work. Through lectures, seminars, project work and workshops, receive information on Lund University and reflect on this in relation to the participants' experiences and objectives
Week 3: Share experiences and undertake planned study visits relevant to the internship and the participants' objectives
Week 4: Presentations and reflections, summary and follow up

Follow-up module: follow up in the participants' home country to discuss results of the training, evaluate, exchange experiences, and address any challenges the participants may face when returning to the their home environment together with the trainors from Lund University.


The programme is divided into three modules: A premodule when discussing expectations and objectives of the participants. A 3-4 week internship/programme at Lund University, Sweden, and finally a 5-10 days follow-up at the participants' home country or if preferred as a distance learning module.


As a participant, you have access to the libraries and the vast electronic databases of Lund University during your studies in Sweden.


Target group

Professionals in teaching, pedagogical development, University leadership, etc. in order to strengthen the capacity buildning process at the participants' home University, it is suggested to attend as a team from each particpating University.



Suggested course period

One week premodule, 3-4 weeks in Lund and 10 days follow up.

Course venue

Lund, Sweden and follow up at home University or as a distant learning module

For futher information, contact:

Alexandra Hertz, Client Manager
Lund University Commissioned Education
+46 46 222 01 39
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