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Global CRC ONline


For 13 years, the successful ITP programme "Child Rights, Classroom and School Management" has been given as commissioned education at Lund University. Results in the form of change processes based on the Child Convention have taken place in 29 different countries and more than 800 change agents have been trained. Child Right Institute at Lund University, in collaboration with national networks of alumni, now develops a digital platform for dissemination results and materials, initiating research collaboration and new networks.


Lund University have organised the ITP programme on Child Rights, Classroom and School Management 21 times during 2003-2015 and also established the Child Rights Institute at Lund University as a result of the programme

The purpose of Global CRC Online is that Child Rights Institute at Lund University, together with 16 national networks of CRC change agents, as partners will establish a useful, supportive digital platform to consolidate results from the ITP on Child Rights, Classroom and School Management in terms of practices and materials and also facilitate continued work with CRC, networking, partnership, training, research and exchange of experiences.


The project consist of three phases and runs for 1.5 years from January 2017 to July 2018. Phase 1 was a preparatory phase and included a 1 week workshop in Lund. Phase 2 is the construction of the platform, taking place mostly online during autumn 2017 when the networks are working in their home country to build the platform and also prepare for a public launch. In early 2018 the third phase starts and the platform will be released to the public in February.

You find the platform here


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